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Before We Start

Our floor experts will address any problem joints and cracks in your floor. You'll see the value in the Creative Concrete system from the moment we begin our proprietary process of dry grinding and polishing. You'll benefit from:

  • Very limited work area downtime,
  • A safe, dust-free atmosphere in your facility during the process, and
  • Easy and completely compliant cleanup when your project's done.

If you like, enhance your floor's beauty with an attractive pattern, texture or colors. Every Creative Concrete floor (color-treated or not) gets a complete treatment of our unique sealer/ hardener/ densifier, to give your polished concrete floor a superior, easy-to-maintain finish.

You'll profit from easy and efficient floor maintenance with our conditioner is a simple, low-cost way to continually enhance your floor's beautiful sheen. (In fact, you'll save thousands of dollars over other floor treatments.)

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